Ugh I feel so blah right now. Really just very tired. It could have something to do with the crazy barley 20 year old neighbors and their firworks (yes fireworks) at midnight and LOUD partying untill well past 2 am! Hello you do know your patio is right below and to the right of our window!! and that your bedroom where you ALL seem to hang out is right on the other side of the wall from OUR bedroom? Dwight and I had fun thinking of ways we could be noisy this morning - we are so evil. but then we decided not to do it cause we did not want to disturb other neighbors who they had kept up all night as well.

I have been reading a serious of books called "the summer of the traveling pants" they are really aimed at a younger age group (teen) but are pretty good. I have finished almost all 3 of them this weekend- just a couple chapters to go. But I am thinking NAP sounds good - as soon as I replinish all the Furbie batteries. Don't you wish you had my glamorous life? you know your jealous!

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