Sorta kind tagged LOL

Kimberley sorta challenged her readers to do her tag

5 Weird things:

1.Ok I am a total prude. LOL, but I really love My humps by TBEP and London Bridge by Fergie (shhh)
2. When my friend and I walk down the street and we bump each other we say "blub" (sometimes we do it on purpose)
3. Mushy bread is really gross (biscuits w/gravy, pancakes with too much syrup, sandwiches with to much mayo etc etc)
4.If something has pumpkin in or on it I will pretty much buy it. (eyeing the pumpkin fuzzy slippers at the grocery store now)
5. I listen to Christmas music ALL year , It makes me happy!

So I just tagged all my blog friends a few days ago - they might kill me if I do it again, so if you read this then do it yourself if ya wanna!


I have bee tagged!

So if I tagged you here is what you do

"List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LiveJournal/blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

So this is my 7 songs:

1. My Humps by the black eyed peas.
2. Cherry lips by Garbage
3.simple gifts by Yo-Yo Ma
4.Slumber my Darling by Yo-Yo Ma and others
5.What a wonderful world by Louie Armstrong
6.I control the sun by Lisa Loeb
7.Breathe your name by Sixpence none the richer

Here is who I tagged

1. Sass
2. Diana
3. Holly
4. Peggy
5. Casii
6. Jessica
7. Abby


Have you seen the Remixed Almost Autumn kit
by Jessica Bolton?
Man I am soo in love with it.
of course I loved the original and made the layout below using it! and I can not wait to play with the new one too! I hope tomorrow maybe.
Anywho - if you love it as much as I do run over to her blog and grab it cause it will only be there for a limited time for only $2 bucks!


A freebie for you! I was inspired to make a new desktop image for Sept. from a thread at DST. And while I was at it I made a layered template from my design. I hope some of you find it useful. I included a txt file with instructions (I hope they are not too confusing, hehe) the files are layered psd - I don't know how to save them as layered PNG's if one of you can you are welcome to then if you don't mind email them to me at dawnmcd@gmail.com I will post a link to download it. I used Jessica Boltons Unamused Boys kit at eclecticscraps to make my desktop with pics of my oldest 3 on their first day of school. I miss them alot when they are gone so this is to help with the mommy blues. hehe. Please leave me some love if you download them and link me your desktop if you create one! I would love to see! (let me know if the link expires and I will renew)
Get It Here
Updated link 11/1/06