Picnic at Conoco

This is our family's verses for today -
Psalm 9:1-2

1 I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart; 
       I will tell of all your wonders.

 2 I will be glad and rejoice in you; 
       I will sing praise to your name, O Most High.

 Today did not go as we had planned. We got up a little late, got everyone dressed and made a picnic lunch. We told the kids little hints about where we were going but did not give it away. Got in the car and stopped at the gas station. After filling up and putting ice in the cooler bag we got ready to set out.  But the car only clicked when we put in the Key - oh no - try again - OH NO.  SO we call for a tow. This click sound sounded bad.  The tow truck was going to take a bit so we all piled out of the car and decided to eat our picnic right there in the grass under a tree at the Conoco gas station!  Dwight and I were pretty downcast. Making plans for getting everyone home and trying to think of who could take over our duties at Church Tomorrow. We also had to let the kids know the special outing (which was the Zoo) was off.  But then well the mood changed - Thanks to Sammi, our 10 year old daughter.  She said lets think of our blessings and count them, that might help.  What a smart girl ;)   

Here was some of the list-

 - We have road side assistance with our insurance so the tow would be free
 - There was a shady place for us to wait
 - there was a nice breeze
 - we had a picnic lunch to enjoy
 -  we were together
 - We had cold drinks
 - We were close enough to home the kids and I could walk home.
 and more

  this little exercise in remembering all God had blessed us with even in a rough time changed our whole families attitudes. We joked and played as we waited. When the road side assistance arrived he discovered one of our battery posts had corroded on the inside and it snapped off as he was looking at it. But he jumped started us and we where able to go to Auto Zone where they helped us install a new one. It was now too late to go to the Zoo as our oldest had to babysit later. So we went to Dairy Queen and got Dilly bars then spent about an hour at the library.  In the car Josephine our 7 yr old said - "This was the best day ever!"  and you know Dwight and I felt like it was a pretty great day.  Even with all the car issues and worries - taking those few minutes to adjust our attitudes and listening to Sammi's wonderful idea lifted our hearts and  minds to the things that matter.  We thank God that Sammi's heart was soft towards Him and that He gave us the wisdom to listen.  Thanks to God that our car repairs were minor and he gaves us this wonderful day and Picnic at Conoco.


Miss Molly has a new dress

I have been in a sewing mood lately. This week I created this set for Sammi's Molly. A little 40's dress and and Apron.  The Apron pattern came from www.youcanmakethis.com I altered it slightly to have button holes and buttons under the arms rather than tacking them together. The lining of the apron is white with small blue paisley. You can reverse the apron so the paisley side is out - but it does not have the pockets.

When I was creating Sammi's Easter dress for Molly I thought of this idea with the 2 color bodice and white piping.  I think it really turned out pretty. It looks like the military inspired fashioned popular in Molly's historical time - 1944.  The little cupcake she is holding is made from sculpey - My boys, Tim and Seth made a set of 6 of them for the girls for Christmas. in person they have glittery sprinkles on them.

Up next is a new dress for Jo's doll Kirsten.