No Power

Yesterday we had no Power from 9 am till 5:30 pm then it was flickering till 8:30pm
around 1 we packed up and headed to the Library to get a break from the HOT townhouse. I cut out and brought along a little hand sewing project. I was so surprised about how quick it went together! I made a little Wee Bunny (see other people's versions here) She is a bit ragged in the shapping byt my 5 yr old loves her. (free pattern by Hillary Lang at WeeWonderfuls.com)
Ok took this fun Quiz Christina posted on her blog.

What scrapbooking item are you?

You are Fibers!Fun and crazy at times. You are a warm fuzzy kind of person. You run around getting things done but still find time for fun! You have so many diverse interests that it is often hard to pin you down to any one thing. People love your friendly attitude and carefree ways. You often brighten other people's days. But Fibers Beware - Sometimes people don't take you seriously because of your happy-go-lucky ways. Sometimes you find yourself feeling left out from decision making that could directly affect you. Even though you like to be happy and cheerful, make sure others know that you can also be serious and in tune with reality.
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Today I am in love with this layout I made of my lovely Niece Cristina and her Family. I love this photograph of her and her family. She look so radiant and happy in it and sometimes it is tough for her to be this happy right now. I love the classic feel to the photo and the little charm hanging on the ribbon. I like how everything nestles together. It gives such a nice feel of warmth.
Even with the bold patterns and colors I feel like the Photo really does shine. Oh yes and I love the photo action work I did. (click layout to see credits)


Happy 4th of July!

For us July 4th is all about traditions and family, flags and red white and blue. This morning we went to the Parade - it was soo hot but I always love going. We Always have donuts for breakfast while we wait for the parade to start. One of my favorite traditions is to dress the kids up in patriotic clothes. This year I took it a step further and dressed my girls doll's to match. My good friend Peggy sent me Jo's adorable red gingham dress and then I sewed a similar one for her doll - notice the tiny fabric "yo-yo" with the little blue button. For Sammi I had made her new Molly doll this cute red , white and blue outfit last month. Then I made a cute matching top for Sammi - a skirt is in the works but not quite finished. I think they look adorable.

SO now all you TTS ladies - Tell me about a tradition you like to do to celebrate. It does not have to be for the 4th of July it can be any celebration. Be sure to post a link in the Thread at TTS.