June is the Birthday month for one of the scrapbook sites I am on the Design Team for. Don't forget to pop on over to www.treasurestoscrap.com June 15th-17th for fun games, prizes, make and takes and a free digi kit (hint- the banner above is a sneak peak of the kit by Peggy Gottschau and myself)
We will have lots of fun and are all very friendly to paper and digi scrappers alike as well as those who do other paper crafts.


Summer Girly Dresses!

That's what the girls and I did on Thursday. We Sewed summer dresses from pre gathered fabirc. Just a few seams and hems and they have these darling dresses. Josephine sat on my lap and helped me sew the seams. SarahAnn I let sit at the machine and sew. I helped her guide the fabric some but she did really well. I was proud of her.

at TTS we where challenged to post 10 things about us. So here are 10 things about sewing and me.

1. I learned to sew from my Mom at 4 when she gave me scraps and a needle and thread while she sews.

2. I won runner up in the adult category on a summer dress I sewed all by myself at 8 yrs old :D

3. I love the smell of fresh fabric being ironed.

4. I did a fashion show in highschool with my nieces wearing dresses I made them as gifts.

5. I sewed my niece a rag doll and wardrobe my senior year of highschool

6. I have 2 tubs of fabric waiting to be made into something

7. I helped my son sew a doll quilt for his little sister when he was 8

8. It makes me feel connected with the past when I teach my kids to sew.

9. Timothy is making bean bags this summer - hand sewing.

10. Sewing is relaxing and makes me feel peacful.


So I love to do crafts with my kids and honestly have been a bad bad crafting mommy this year. So I have a summer of fun crafting planned. 13 projects for the 13 weeks my older 2 are off school. Some will seem a little dorky to the oldest boy, but we have had a talk about doing it and having fun with his brothers and sister because it is important. So he has agreed :D Anyway here is our list - if you want more info on any of them leave a comment with your email addy and I will answer you.

1-Painting wood cutouts from the craft store.
2-making "chirping" crickets from TP rolls and popsicle sticks.
3. necklaces with charms made from shrink plastic. (check out the treasurestoscrap.com June newsletter for an article I did about making these)

1. some 4th of july craft yet to be chosen
2. turtle racers- basically paper plates decorated like turtles and attached to strings to race along.
3. sea glass jewelry - fishtank sea glass pieces wrapped in wire and hung from a leather strap.
4. going to the park and painting with watercolors.

1. rock painting - making friendly buggy friends for our garden area.
2. butterfly mobile
3. treasure boxes
4. mini scrapbooks of our summer activities.


One of my favorite online scrapbook communities is having a Birthday Party June 15th-17th. Be sure to come and play at www.treasurestoscrap.com with me and my buddies. These ladies are really fun and kind. Tracy and Wendi , the owners, have lots of prizes in store and the grand opening of the online store too!! So whatcha waiting for come say hi!!