Happy thoughts #3 and 4

So I missed yesterday!  I was busy scrappin away!  I will show you the layouts I did another day.

So my Happy thought for yesterday is how much I love my nieces and nephews. Today I am thinking of my sister's children. When they where little and I was just a teen I adored playing with them and taking them places , doing crafts.  They are grown up now and 3 of them have children of their own who I have never met.  But I cherish them too!   So Thank you Cristina, Juan, Shawnda, Rosa and Marcos for making me an Auntie!

My other thought is about my DH Dwight again.  Cause I just love him to pieces!  Today I was feeling pretty crummy and tired.  So he took the children to church and to play practice by himself.  Which let me rest.  What a great guy!


Happy thought #2

So I better post todays thought before today is over!

I was working on a scrapbook layout tonight and Dwight came by as I had finished it and told me how pretty it was - and it made me really happy!  Love you Sweetie!


Let's talk happy!

So I decided I need an attitude pick me up.  I have been more negative lately and more "on edge"  and I really do not like being this way.  I really want to see the good in others first and not all the other stuff that get in the way of making true and pleasant connections!  

So I am starting by posting something postive each day (or almost each day)  through the new year.   

We went to the homeschool thanksgiving gathering this afternoon and it was such a pleasure to watch my kids connecting with the other children and enjoying the day.   Jo played a little Turkey in a sketch/game they did and Sammi who was the pilgrim had to keep bumping Jo when it was time to "gobble, gobble"   and I just thought it was so cute and funny and it made me giggle!

what is your happy thing?

And I wanted to offer up a Thank you to Di Hickman for all the work she put into posting wonderful sketches for us on her blog!  Click on her name to go see for yourself!  and here is my card from her most recent sketch