Poetry Friday - For Erica

 My friend Erica is a wonderful writer and can inspire you with her words. On fridays on her blog - These Three Remain - she does poetry friday.  So in honor of her I have written a poem.

2 things you should know
 1. I do not enjoy writing (but reading is great)
 2. I am not good at writing anything other than non fiction papers.

For Erica 

A seam was sewn

Betwixt the two

Connecting thoughts

Deepening understanding

Encouraging sorority

 I wrote my poem using a form called an ABC poem. basically it is a 5 line poem expressing an idea or image. And every line begins with the next letter alphabetically from the first letter of the first line. You do not have to start with A - but I did :D  this took me a long time to write. I tried hard to choose the right words. Alas it is not very good. 


Free table runner pattern!

Please head on over to the Threads of Conversation blog and get a free pattern for an adorable table runner pattern! Leave her a comment and let her know you would like the pattern.
Handmade Gifts Part 1:

Josephine and I began her gift making today.  She is making snowman pillowcases for her siblings and Mommy and Daddy (yes I realize I am helping make my own gift).  We used a flannel top sheet to cut them from. This way we only need to make the wide hem at the opening on some of them. She did a great Job sewing and even did some of the seams all on her own. We will do the rest of them over the next few weeks.

The finished project and the proud seamstress!

close up of the name tag.  She used staz-on ink and stamped the names on seam tape then zigzagged them on and sewed on a button.  Yeah Jo!

Handmade Ornaments

every year I make ornaments for my Nieces and Nephews and Great Nieces and Nephews. This year that meant 17!  I made 14 stars and 3 birds (for those who got stars last year) scroll down for info on the patterns for them.
Peppermint stars! they are so cute!  I will be wrapping them in white tissue paper and putting little white tags with star mints on them and the recipients name. I got the pattern from the Allsorts blog. You have plenty of time to make some of these cuties while watching Christmas movies!

and I made 3 adorable little birdies.  I am in love with them.  I got the pattern in the book
"Last Minute Patchwork + quilted gifts" by Joelle Hoverson.   Check out the authors blog as well  - The Purl Bee


See Jo Read

I wait

Today I am waiting. Waiting for the foretold snow. For the crisp beauty. I awoke and the light through the window was not quite right, not that glow that comes when the ground has a blanket of white.  I was sad. disappointed.  I am too sad and disappointed right now from other things and I need to have the little joy of this snow.  So I wait for this gift and I try not to cry and I remember - You are good, and what you do is good .... Psalm 119:68a.