Birthday Bonks - 

Did you know that in Ireland....

The birthday child is lifted by hands and feet, and "bumped" on the floor for good luck. The number of bumps given is the age of the child, plus one for luck!


Birthday Memories

My youngest Daughter has a birthday coming up next week - she will be 7 yrs old! Where did the time go? So this already had me thinking of birthdays then the Sweet shoppe blog gave a challenge to post about a birthday memory on your blog. Perfect timing! So a birthday that really stands out in my mind is one form my early childhood I was 5 yrs old and we had a huge party in our backyard. All the relatives came and I remember being hot in my long polyester dress. But that year I got soo many gifts and most of them revolved around baby dolls and house keeping play. I got a highchair and a cradle, a dustpan and broom set, some toy dishes. I was in heaven! I know we played on the big wood teeter totter we had in our yard and that I stayed up past dark - which in June can be pretty late for a 5 yr old. I also remember clearly that my Dad was there. Something that rarely happened. It is such a lovely memory. I feel blessed to have it!.