My heart overflows tonight.

Tonight I am so grateful to my savior who has reached down and grabbed my girls heart. She was fretful and upset over things that had happened today. We talked a bit about them and I sent her to bathe. After her bath she came to me questioning me about sin and then as I brushed her hair she said " I asked Jesus into my heart tonight before my bath" Oh man I can not tell you how my heart overflowed. I have prayed with her and tucked her in and I sit here now with tears in my eyes.. Thank you Lord for this amazing blessing. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for loving Josephine and capturing her heart.


Spring to Finish.

I did not meet this goal by 5/31 but I am still working on it!

Over at the Tallgrass Prairie Studio blog the challenge is on to get some uncompleted projects finished. So here is my list of items I would like to complete (I may add on to this as I go)

1. My knit tote - it is about - complete 7/6
2. American girl doll purple outfit - cut out, Shirt sewn
3. American girl Kirsten school dress - cut out
4. recycled purse - cut out, 3/4 done
5. Skirt for Jo from old dress - Complete 6/28
6. 5 pages in Tim's Scrapbook - Complete 6/4

I will reward myself with yarn for my next knitting project.


SarahAnn's Easter Dress

I wanted something a little more grown up for SarahAnn this year and I pictured a long dress with a regency era feel to it. I love how it turned out! I used the Miss Madeline Pattern increased by about 1 inch in diameter and made it longer. I also made the waist band about 5/8th of an inch wide and used 1/2 inch elastic. To give it the regency era feel I made the waist empire height.

You can see here how sheer the fabric is if you look at the sleeves. I lined the body of the dress for modesty. The ribbon can be removed for more casual wear.

A close up of the rolled hem and the lining fabric. SarahAnn is well pleased with the dress. I will take photos of both the girl's in their dresses tomorrow. (the ribbon really does match better than these pics show)