Journal your Christmas

I am taking a class called Journal your Christmas this month. It is all about capturing and holding onto what is important to you during the Holiday season.

I am choosing to document my discoveries in a Journal/scrapbook.  I thought I would share my progress here. SOme days I may even just make a blog post. Their are no rules- love that!

Here is my first days work

Hear is a photo of the full layout. The December calendar page I plan on adding little notes to throughout the month as I do Holiday events - today I made cookies with a friend so wrote that on.

Here is a close up of my "Christmas manifesto". Just a list of thoughts and ideas of what I would like to focus on this year.

And This page I did cause I was excited and it was fun! I was also thinking of the instructor's email that told us to think about signs of Christmas. This is a divided page protector - The top left is Shimelle's (the instructor) Manifesto printed 3 X 4. to the right is a close up of our tree this year, lower left is my youngest 2 children helping to hang outdoor lights, their first year to help, and the final pocket is just fun bits, sequins and wood veneers sewn into the pocket to create a snowglobe effect.

Not everyday will be so detailed, some days will just be a bit of journaling or some pics.  I am sure I will not have an entry for everyday but that is okay.  I plan on adding to this book over the years as the fancy strikes me.  What are your plans for this Season?  What do you want it to look like?