Addicted to Digital Crop!

Just wanted to let you all know about the crop Friday and this is the freebie for coming! and don't forget about the contest either - you still have time!


Seth is Stylin in the jeans Mom made for him! I made these form a pair of Tims old Jeans. I cut off the legs and used them to create these. i also used the pockets, a belt loop and the LEVI tag from the original pair. Love how cute they turned out!
Sewing makes me pretty happy. It is fun to create cute unique things for my kids. My Mom use to to do the same for me :D


Ok this post is all about some fun things happening over at TreasurestoScrap
First there is a month long game for Big Prizes!

Then we have 2 contest - one for paper and one for digi scrappers

And last and least hehe I have posted my Monthly Word Art Challenge.


TRICK or Treat !!!
The kids and I made this cute little house based on an ad from doodlebug designs - check it out here - I backed the windows with colored transparency and put battery operated candles inside. If you want to make one we used Capri Sun boxes for the houses and chimeny and foam core board to make the roofs. We had lots of fun choosing fun funky papers and stickers and buttons to add on.


Ok how cute am I? Hehe i picked up my glasses today. Yes I am old (34) and my eyesight is going going going. And of course I had to make myself a funky, cool, groovy beaded chain for it. Tim (my 12 yr old) says the chain makes me look like a grandma! bwahaha. I think it is quirky and fun so :P on Tim. So you know when you get new glasses you realize just how blind you really were! geesh! you people were not safe with me on the road (slight exaggeration there).