It has been just over one year (May 19th) since my Beautiful Mother had brain surgery. She had a aneurysm that they caught early and wanted to fix before it burst. The surgery went perfectly but then her brain began to hemorrage and we did not know if she would ever wake. They did a second surgery to relieve the pressure and she woke up!!! We had no idea if she would be able to talk, if she would be able to move her right side, If she would even know who we where. I have to say I was just greatful we had her but was soo terrified that she would not know who I was. My Momma is my best friend. That would have crushed me. But of course she knew me and she is a MIRACLE. She in one year has recovered almost back to where she started, Their are a few things that will never be the same, but they are things she will be able to learn to accept and incorporate in her life. But that one week took me from being my Momma's little girl to being a grown woman who worries about losing My Best Friend. It's not fun , I know I will grow and the fear will reside but I will forever be changed. I am soo proud of her! I love her! Thank you God for giving her to me!.


Ok so it seems like every time I post I have gone shopping which makes it seem like I am always shopping right? But no if you look at the dates of my posts it's just that I rarely do anything other than normal MOM stuff, so when I get to shop it's a big deal!!! And this time I got to shop for ME. I got the darling Tank and Skirt being modeled by the lovely digital me to the right. She of course looks nicer in them than me, but still dang cute stuff.

So in my scrappin life - I created a digi kit with Peggy from the jungle and it turned out really nice. That was alot of work, but so much fun too. We are thinking of doing smaller ones every month. There is a new LSS (local scrapbook store) near by and I am desiging some display pages for them - and I even get paid! I also submitted a paper layout and several digital layouts to various places. not holding my breathe there.

Summer break is coming for the kiddos in just 2 1/2 weeks- 3 months of time with them. I hate traditional schedule and MISS my kiddos, I can't wait! I have 13 crafts all planned out (one for each week) just need to shop for supplies!! Ok thats about all. maybe I will update sooner next time! ----- avatar Sweetez by Hunibuni,doodle and paper from Cherryblossoms kit from thedigichick.com, clothing from oldnavy.com