Great Depression Cooking....

 This evening I stumbled across an amazing video on youtube. In it you are introduced to Clara - a woman who is sharing her recipes for wonderful simple hearty and inexpensive meals she learned as a teen during the Great Depression. Her stories and recipes all are very interesting and I plan on trying several of them.  There is also a link to her website and looks like she has a dvd coming out soon and perhaps a cook book! 
 My 7 yr old Josephine came up and snuggled with me and we watched her youtube videos together. Jo kept saying - "lets watch the next one" and saying how sad some of the comments made her as well as asked lots of questions about the Great Depression. As a history lover I can not think of a better way to spend a friday evening than that.  Of all my children Josephine seems to have the keenest interest in History. I am glad I can share that love with her.

Go here to see the videos - Great Depression Cooking on youtube


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