Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Santa has come and filled our stockings with goodies! now we are off to dream of sugar plums until the young ones wake us up. Or if it is like last year- until I wake them ;) I hope you and yours have a blessed day filled with wonder and love!


Brown Paper Packages ......

Ok they are not brown but they are tied up with string! I love using my Scrapbook supplies to make gift wrap.

In the top photo I used Pattern paper to make Origami boxes to hold the little elf dolls from yesterdays post (there is a tutorial to make them in the Dec. 2007 Creating Keepsakes). I used waxy flax and scrappers floss to tie them up and added a cricut tag with a prima and snowflake button. The lager package is wraped in tissue then I used some BG frog paper as ribbon and tied it with scrappers floss and added a tag and frog charm.

Below is a cookie gift bowl. I got the bowl at the dollar store along with the pocket hotpad. There are 6 dozen cookies in there along with a cookie mix and a muffin mix and the recipes for the cookies. I added strips of paper to the mixes and on the index cards I wrote the recipes cards and of course some of thoe cute cricut tags!

I am pretty happy with these and think they make a nice gift!

Have you been using yourr supplies as wrapping?


A Very Bendy Post

I made these little elf girls for our friends little girls. This is my first attempt at them and I think I did a pretty good job! I first saw them at the Princess Nimble-Thimble blog - she makes the cutest little bendy dolls ever! check out her Etsy shop HERE. Then my friend Jackie was making them at Science and play and helped me get started on one. They took me about 2 hours each to make with the emroidery and everything. What do you think? Oh they are about 3 inches tall.


Happy thoughts #3 and 4

So I missed yesterday!  I was busy scrappin away!  I will show you the layouts I did another day.

So my Happy thought for yesterday is how much I love my nieces and nephews. Today I am thinking of my sister's children. When they where little and I was just a teen I adored playing with them and taking them places , doing crafts.  They are grown up now and 3 of them have children of their own who I have never met.  But I cherish them too!   So Thank you Cristina, Juan, Shawnda, Rosa and Marcos for making me an Auntie!

My other thought is about my DH Dwight again.  Cause I just love him to pieces!  Today I was feeling pretty crummy and tired.  So he took the children to church and to play practice by himself.  Which let me rest.  What a great guy!


Happy thought #2

So I better post todays thought before today is over!

I was working on a scrapbook layout tonight and Dwight came by as I had finished it and told me how pretty it was - and it made me really happy!  Love you Sweetie!


Let's talk happy!

So I decided I need an attitude pick me up.  I have been more negative lately and more "on edge"  and I really do not like being this way.  I really want to see the good in others first and not all the other stuff that get in the way of making true and pleasant connections!  

So I am starting by posting something postive each day (or almost each day)  through the new year.   

We went to the homeschool thanksgiving gathering this afternoon and it was such a pleasure to watch my kids connecting with the other children and enjoying the day.   Jo played a little Turkey in a sketch/game they did and Sammi who was the pilgrim had to keep bumping Jo when it was time to "gobble, gobble"   and I just thought it was so cute and funny and it made me giggle!

what is your happy thing?

And I wanted to offer up a Thank you to Di Hickman for all the work she put into posting wonderful sketches for us on her blog!  Click on her name to go see for yourself!  and here is my card from her most recent sketch


Trick Or Treat!

 here are my little trick or treaters. 
Sammi was a Cheerleader - I made her outfit. 
Josephine was a princess - you can not see it well in this pic but I added ribbons and gems and flowers and beads to this plain white dress I got second hand.  
Seth  was a fallen piece of the night sky - all his idea!  so creative.  We glued glow in the dark stars and planets to his cloak from last years costume and even had a few on his face.  
 Sammi had to go home after a few houses with an upset tummy, but Seth and Jo went to quite a few houses and got loaded down with goodies!  we of course filled up Sammi's bucket from our own trick or treat stash.  
Hope your Halloween was super spooky and fun!


Be afraid, very afraid!

Your Monster Profile

Infamous Killer

You Feast On: Starbucks

You Lurk Around In: Candy Factories

You Especially Like to Torment: Hicks


What part of fall are you?

well I am not so sure about what it says I am LMBO

You Are Changing Leaves

Pretty, but soon dead.


Tag you're it!
I have been tagged by Julie (the brat ;) )

Here's the deal:

7 Random Facts I must post. So read them, comment on them & then check to see if your name is in the 7 I tag. If it is, list 7 Random Facts about yourself & pass on the tag to 7 people.

Randomness follows

1. I homeschool my 4 children

2. I love to read historical fiction ( but not the smutty romance kind, but non smutty romance is all good )

3. Jane Eyre is my favorite book. DH bought me the oldest copy we could afford when we newly married.

4. SarahAnn told me yesterday she loved doing large math problems and wants to do time tests, both of which made her freeze in public school! that made my heart swell

5. I can not whistle.

6. I Miss Jericho the tv show and wish the dorks had not cancelled it


7. I miss my friend Trish and hope we can get some time to chat and scrap soon!

Ok so know I have to tag some people

Crazy T


It be Talk like a pirate day - ARRRG

 so it be fitten I should have a proper pirate name.

My pirate name is:

Dirty Mary Cash

You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. You're musical, and you've got a certain style if not flair. You'll do just fine. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
part of the fidius.org network


Look at me I'm legally blond!

Hehehe at least that's what the celebrity look alike thing says!


Flower flower

Kimberely Challenged us to find out what kind of flower we are. I like the flower it said I was but not sure of the definition LOL

I am an

What Flower
Are You?


No Power

Yesterday we had no Power from 9 am till 5:30 pm then it was flickering till 8:30pm
around 1 we packed up and headed to the Library to get a break from the HOT townhouse. I cut out and brought along a little hand sewing project. I was so surprised about how quick it went together! I made a little Wee Bunny (see other people's versions here) She is a bit ragged in the shapping byt my 5 yr old loves her. (free pattern by Hillary Lang at WeeWonderfuls.com)
Ok took this fun Quiz Christina posted on her blog.

What scrapbooking item are you?

You are Fibers!Fun and crazy at times. You are a warm fuzzy kind of person. You run around getting things done but still find time for fun! You have so many diverse interests that it is often hard to pin you down to any one thing. People love your friendly attitude and carefree ways. You often brighten other people's days. But Fibers Beware - Sometimes people don't take you seriously because of your happy-go-lucky ways. Sometimes you find yourself feeling left out from decision making that could directly affect you. Even though you like to be happy and cheerful, make sure others know that you can also be serious and in tune with reality.
Take this quiz!

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Today I am in love with this layout I made of my lovely Niece Cristina and her Family. I love this photograph of her and her family. She look so radiant and happy in it and sometimes it is tough for her to be this happy right now. I love the classic feel to the photo and the little charm hanging on the ribbon. I like how everything nestles together. It gives such a nice feel of warmth.
Even with the bold patterns and colors I feel like the Photo really does shine. Oh yes and I love the photo action work I did. (click layout to see credits)


Happy 4th of July!

For us July 4th is all about traditions and family, flags and red white and blue. This morning we went to the Parade - it was soo hot but I always love going. We Always have donuts for breakfast while we wait for the parade to start. One of my favorite traditions is to dress the kids up in patriotic clothes. This year I took it a step further and dressed my girls doll's to match. My good friend Peggy sent me Jo's adorable red gingham dress and then I sewed a similar one for her doll - notice the tiny fabric "yo-yo" with the little blue button. For Sammi I had made her new Molly doll this cute red , white and blue outfit last month. Then I made a cute matching top for Sammi - a skirt is in the works but not quite finished. I think they look adorable.

SO now all you TTS ladies - Tell me about a tradition you like to do to celebrate. It does not have to be for the 4th of July it can be any celebration. Be sure to post a link in the Thread at TTS.


New Banner!

Over at the Girl Talk blog they challenged us to make a New blog banner using Dani Mogstad's designs. I had never made my own banner before. Man this could get addicting! It did take a bit for me to figure out how to put it up. But I think I have it now! (I also added the credits to the bottom of my blog but was wondering if I could make that font smaller? anyone know?

Dani Mogstads elements and paper from Love Sprung and Spring Chick kits, Traci Reeds Alpha from Love Sprung Kit, 2 Peas Barefoot Professor font, Traci Muprhy's Drop Shadows


Pixie Dust!

OK found this little quiz on Megan's blog.

What type of pixie are you?

You are a forest pixie! You are deeply in tune with the earth and will do almost anything to protect it.
Take this quiz!

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Hmmm I always knew I was a granola girl at heart ;)
I've been tagged by Lucy - well all of us at TTS have!


1)Name one person who made you smile today? My Dear Heart

2)What were you doing at 8:00 this morning? making cereal for the kiddos

3)What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Eating a bagel w/cream cheese and an apple for lunch

4)What is something that happened to you in 1998? My Sweet Sammi girl was born

5)What is the last thing you said aloud? Go eat your bagel and brush your teeth so we can go to science and play

6)How many different things have you drank today? One - Diet Pepsi

7)What color is your hair brush? black and orange

8)What was the last thing you bought? Light up pens for the kids

9)What was the last gift you received? GC for my Birthday

10)What color is your front door? white

11)Where do you keep cell phone? don't have one

12)What was the weather like today? sunny and hot

13)What is the best ice cream flavor? Vanilla

14)What are you excited about? Going to T's thi weekend

15)Do you talk a lot? UMMM YES

16)Name a weird food you like? hmm is sushi weird?

17)Cold or hot? cold

18)What's your favorite thing to do? scrapbooking, sewing and reading

19)Do you want to cut your hair? No

20: Are you over the age of 25? yum YEAH

21)Are you ticklish? yes

22)Are you typically a jealous person? no

23)Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "L" : Lara

24)Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "A": Abby

25)Do you chew on your straws? yes

26)Do you have curly hair? Wavy

27)What is the next concert you're going to? Who knows

28)Who is the crappiest person in your life? um soo not saying

29)What is your favorite color? green

30)What is something you say a lot? ya know?

31)What's your room like? unorganized with clothes that need to be put away and some things to go to good will.

32)What was the last movie you saw? Bridge to Terabithia

33)Do you have work tomorrow?I stay at home with my munchkins

34)What's your dream job? I am doing it

35)When was the last time you said "I love you"? 2 hr ago

36)What should you be doing right now? laundry

37)Do you have a nickname? not really

38)Are you a heavy sleeper? so so

39)When is the last time you did the dishes, honestly?Last night

40)What are your pet peeves? hmm I can not think of any right now


IT's My Birthday! woohooo

So the blog challenge at TTS today is to list 12 things we are hapy about today (click Here to play along)

2. My 3 youngest made me adorable birthday cards
3. My Momma called and sang me happy birthday
4. My Best friend since childhood called and sang me hapy birthday
5. My chicky Megan sent me the cutest b-day ecard - it is adorable!
6. I get to scrap with some of my Online friends today - thanks Sarah
7. I got b-day coupons from DST for online stores ( you see a theme here? )
8. My DH and Oldest boy Tim are gonna make me dinner - woohoo
9. It's summer break, no teaching my rugrats lessons, we just getta play
10. It is a beautiful sunny day
11. Jo and Seth are telling each other Bible stories! (seth: did Moses have a wife? Mom: yes Seth: did Moses have a child? Jo: Yes Seth , remember Isaac is his baby - heheh LOVE IT
12. I will have 2 layouts in the July Scrapstreet mag!


It's a Birthday Party!

Kim Johnson is celebrating 2 yrs as a Digi Designer and is having a Fab contest! Head on over to TTS to check it out - just click on the ad!

And here is my entry! click on it to see the credits.


TTS Blog Challenge

WHat in your lifetime has only happened to you once?

1. I was a Nanny in NorthCarolina - One of the best thing for me!

2. I married my wonderful husband . He is my best friend.

3. I accepeted God's grace by accepting Jesus as my Saviour. He has stood by me in all the good and bad times in my life.

4. I was in who's who of american highchool students

5. I was an alternate to state on Debate team

6.I became a mother for the first time (while i have 4 children there is only one first time)

7. I graduated from Highschool

Ok thats all I got for now. Be sure to hop on over and check out the blog challenges at TTS.


Molly revisited

Here she is Miss Molly all dressed and hair done. I read a great article on restoring her hair www.justmagicdolls.com I used Simplicity pattern #4347 to make her cute little skirt, blouse and vest. Sammi is so happy with her. It was fun to do some sewing again and to see how excited she was for me to finish. We already have other items planned to make for her - next project is some under things LOL.


Ok Miss Nancy over at TTS isssued this challenge for us. it is a LONG one. hop on over for the blog challenges!

1.What's your name spelled backwards? nwaD
2. What did you do last night? Folded Laundry and watched so you think you can dance
3. The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?Digital freebie
4. Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?Well of course I have!
5. Last time you swam in a pool? last summer
6. What are you wearing? apple print jammie pants and a green polo
7. How many cars have you owned? 6 including our 2 minivans over the years
8. Type of music you dislike most? Country - YUCKY
9. Are you registered to vote? Yeppers
10. Do you have cable? We have sattelite
11. What kind of computer do you use?Mac PowerBook
13. You like anyone right now? My amazing DH
14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? sure!
15.furthest place you've ever traveled? New york
16.Do you have a garden? well I have a flower bed
17. What’s your favorite comic strip? hmm we don't get the paper so I don't read the comics
18. Do you know all the words to the national anthem? yes
19. Shower, morning or night? Usually take a bath at night and a quick shower in the am
20. Best movie you’ve seen in the past month? Pirates 3
21. Favorite pizza toppings? Canadian bacon with pineapple
22. Chips or popcorn? chips
23. What cell phone provider do you have? No cell
24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? HUH?
25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? No
27. Who were the last people you sat at lunch with? My Kids
28. Favourite chocolate bar? Hershey's plain milk chocolate
29. Who is your longest friend and how long? Jodie Brown since 1988
31. Have you ever won a trophy? Yes
32. Favorite artist? Ummm don't have one
33. Favorite computer game? Don't have one
34. Ever ordered from an infomercial? Yes, the Bullet LOL
35. Sprite or 7-UP? sprite
36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work? Yes
37. Last thing you bought at the store? TP and paper crafts mag which store? Albertson's
38. Ever thrown up in public? yep
39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love? True Love baby!
40. Do you believe in love at first sight? No
41.Can exes just be friends? um Maybe
42. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital? My Mom
43. Did you have long hair as a young kid? no
44. What message is on your voicemail machine? This is the McDowell's, We can't come to the phone right now, leave your name and number and we will get back to you as soon as we can.
45. Where would you like to go right now? Oregon Coast
46. What was the name of your first pet? Cocoa
47. What kind of back pack do you have, and what’s in it? Don't have one.
48. Last incoming/outgoing call on your phone? Megan for Both
49. What is one thing you are grateful for today? My wonderful DH and being able to stay home with my Kids
50. What do you think about most? Um scrapbooking lol


Meet Molly!

I am so excited! I won the American Girl Molly doll on ebay on Friday. Sammi has been wanting her since Nov. But I just could not pay full price. The doll I won is nakie and her hair needs brushed (she is the one in the pic on the bottom left) but is in very good condition. I of course had to buy the glasses and shoes with knee socks too - from ebay for a great price. (the middle and right pic on the bottom). "Lively and patriotic, she is the star of her story. Molly dreams of performing as “Miss Victory“ to show her support during World War Two" that is her description from the American Girl site. (the photo on the top right is how the doll comes new)

Well of course Sammi's doll needs clothes and period clothes of course! So Sammie and I ran out to Joann's and got 2 patterns and some fabric on Saturday. (large photo) This will be our girlie project this week. I am so excited to share this with her. I have been a huge doll fan since I was little. My Mom would make me dolls and doll clothes and let me use her scraps to make clothes. Sammi on the other hand is not much of a doll person. She has a few she likes but does not play with them much. I was so happy when she actually asked for a doll! I hope we have a really great time playing with Molly! (cause you know she is as much for me as she is for Sammie)
10 things I have learned form my friends

  1. It is ok to not agree on everything - even on some big things- we can still be friends.
  2. that a strong friendship will last through lots of space and time.
  3. when you need a good pick me up call a friend late at night and a margarita doesn't hurt either.
  4. There are lots of ways to be a good parent
  5. When you need some one - a good friend is always there
  6. Take time to enjoy the thing I have
  7. little things like birthday cards and hugs do matter
  8. You have to put a little effort into making a friendship last
  9. Be sure you are giving as much as you are getting
  10. It's a good thing to find a pair of jeans that fit well!
This list was for the TTS blog challenge. Head over and check it out
First things First

I started getting the monthly page kit from Poppy Ink in May and WOW I am so impressed with the kit. I finally got to play with the May kit yesterday and made these 2 layouts. I love all the fun and funky little elements in the kit. I think because it was Memorial Day I was in a patriotic mood. The donut page is about our tradition of having donut for breakfast while we wait for the parade. A note of interest for the Donut page - Jo decided while I was at the store it needed to be colored on! thank goodness she used pencil and I was able to erase most the evidence ;)

Mom: Jo why did you do this?
Jo: cause only SarahAnn had color and I wanted everyone too!
Mom: but JO you colored on everyone but you! and you colored on the papers too!
Jo: Sheepish grin


click on the layouts to see credits


The Recital

As promised here are Video's of Sammi and Seth reciting their poems. Jo's is in the previous post.

Jo and Seth both recited "The Purple Cow" by Gilette Burgess
Sammi recited "The Mummy" by Shel Silverstein.

We have been enjoying homeschooling and having this time together. We hope you enjoy the little recital!


The Purple Cow

We have been working on memorizing poems this week in school. Seth and Jo have learned "The Purple Cow" I took this video of Jo today. I will try to post video's of the other 3 soon!


I've been tagged!

Ok so here is how it works

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

My Random Facts:
1. I love yellow chick peeps but they must be yellow chicks or they are NOT peeps!
2. I am fairly shy when it comes to meetin new people. I get eally nevous and stat babbling and it is not pretty.
3. I am bad at making my hair look done. it just is sorta there
4. I homeschool my 4 children
5. I will be the mother to a teenager in Sept and I soo can not believe that! I still remember being 13 way too clearly!
6. I am not a good housekeeper, I want to be but I am not
7. I am a reality tv junkie - survivor, next top model and american idol are my favs.

ok now to find 7 people to tag:
Abby, Diana, Carrie, Jessica B, Dwight, Megan and thats all I got, LOL



Just a quick post of our fabulous Easter Eggs! We had a ton of fun! We colored 3 dozen eggs -we only cracked 2! Hope you have a wondeful Easter!

all elements by Tracey Gilbert Monette


Ad Challenge for TTS!

Ok I found these great ads or catty pages (scroll down to see them) at a kids sewing magazine site I like -
www.ottobredesign.com. They just scream scrapbook layouts to me. So choose one
and make a layout using it by Feb 28 midnight est and you get 5 pts for the Feb. game at www.treasurestoscrap.com. If you have not checked out the game head on over! If you are not playing the game and just like the inpiration go ahead and use them! Post a link here in my blog too (even if you are playing) just cause I like the lovin :D and you never know when I might do a drawing for some goodies - paper or digi can play!


Ok so Polka Dot theme week is done and I did good. everything I made had some kind of polka dots on it. That was fun to do! I will have to try it again sometime. It is amazing how many different ways you can use polka dots. I even used it on a boy page! here are my creations for this week. click on each one to see the credits.


Polka Polka Polka Dots!

Ok so I decided to do a theme in my scrapbooking and paper crafts this week. - yes it is already Wed. So we will say for the rest of this week. Anyone want to play along? Maybe I will even make a polka dot digi freebie for ya ! So anyway I am gonna have some kind of polka dots on everything I make this week. And to get the ball started here is a layout I did yesterday with pink polka dot paper. (the paper is by Taran Conyers)

( click here for credits)

Here are some of my fav Polka dot digi items:

The large red polka's on green in The Epiphany Paper pack by Jessica Bolton

The Dot ribbons by Tracey Gilbert Monette

Love all the fun dots in the flip kit by Tracy Ann Designs

So if you do some polka dot layouts paper or digi link me up!


So what do you do at home on a tuesday afternoon? Well if you are 4 and 6 you make food storage robots of course! while Jo was taking a nap , Seth gatheres his supplies and made himself this robot, well of course when Jo woke up she wanted one too. So Seth helped her to make one as well. oh and notice Jo's lovely outfit. Man I am in soo much trouble when she's a teen!


It's a new year and I am finally making a new post! today's post is all about the contests and challenges at www.treasurestoscrap.com this month Rina Kroes and My Digital Muse are our sigi sponsors and Cosmo Cricket is our paper sponsor. there are lots of challenges and contests so please head over and join in. while you're there say Hi to me :D