I am one sick lady! I woke up saturday with a sore throat and cough and it has just gotten worse. I think it may be getting a little better today but am not really sure. So while I have been busy dying - ok not really dying but you know what I mean, I made this cute little story board of Easter pics It is 8 X 10. I have printed it up and am putting them in frames for the Grandparents (Surprise to them if they are reading this :) ) I love how the girl's dresses turned out. I love sewing for them. The boys where just as handsome in their blue and yellow.

We had a quiet Easter at home with yummy food and a fun time. My Dear Heart bought me some wonderful perfume and shimmer lotion in Japanese Cherry Blossom. It has this wonderful earthy but light floral scent with a hint of vanilla. He went and picked it out all by himself and that meant so much to me. I am so blessed to have him. Smooches to you Dwight.

I have been tagged by Abby but I have to figure out what that means and I will post!


  1. LOVE this!!!! What a great gift!!!

    And geesh, this Abby chick ... the nerve!!!!!! :)


  2. hey chicka!!! just wanted to say hi and that I hope you are feeling better!!!
    love your gutz!
    Crazy T

  3. Just thought I would stop by and check things out. Girl you need to get this thing updated!!!! I'll be back to check on it!

  4. Hope by now you're feeling better! Just checking out the blog as a challenge from TTS.

  5. Hey girl!Whatcha up to lately?

  6. Hey Dawn,
    I'm loving the white space on this layout. So pretty. Your blog rocks. Love the scrolling layouts, I so need to learn that. Cool to drop in, I will drop by again.