Sorta kind tagged LOL

Kimberley sorta challenged her readers to do her tag

5 Weird things:

1.Ok I am a total prude. LOL, but I really love My humps by TBEP and London Bridge by Fergie (shhh)
2. When my friend and I walk down the street and we bump each other we say "blub" (sometimes we do it on purpose)
3. Mushy bread is really gross (biscuits w/gravy, pancakes with too much syrup, sandwiches with to much mayo etc etc)
4.If something has pumpkin in or on it I will pretty much buy it. (eyeing the pumpkin fuzzy slippers at the grocery store now)
5. I listen to Christmas music ALL year , It makes me happy!

So I just tagged all my blog friends a few days ago - they might kill me if I do it again, so if you read this then do it yourself if ya wanna!

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  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    lol those are great wierd facts...i got tagged with this a while ago too it was pretty fun...who would've thought I was that weird? go figure...LOLOL...xoxox