Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let It Snow!

If you know me you know that I anxiously await the arrival of the first snow. I get mad at the weather casters when they say I will get snow and I don't! (that happened earlier this week) But finally yesterday and last night we got SNOW. This is a photo from my front porch this morning. Isn't it pretty? Snowy days just make me feel happy inside , so silly I am just a big kid. But I have needed this pick me up. Been a bit sad and homesick and just blah. I am grateful for this beauty and serenity. I know God did not send this snow just for me, but I know He knows it warms my heart and brings smiles to my face. So with that I am off to do my daily chores with a lighter step. I hope that today you have something that brings a smile to your soul!


  1. Beautiful, I want snow. Send some my way. Love your post.