Trick Or Treat!

 here are my little trick or treaters. 
Sammi was a Cheerleader - I made her outfit. 
Josephine was a princess - you can not see it well in this pic but I added ribbons and gems and flowers and beads to this plain white dress I got second hand.  
Seth  was a fallen piece of the night sky - all his idea!  so creative.  We glued glow in the dark stars and planets to his cloak from last years costume and even had a few on his face.  
 Sammi had to go home after a few houses with an upset tummy, but Seth and Jo went to quite a few houses and got loaded down with goodies!  we of course filled up Sammi's bucket from our own trick or treat stash.  
Hope your Halloween was super spooky and fun!


  1. How cute are they!!! Gosh your kids are as creative as you are!!

  2. Oh they look so cute! :) Love the cheerleader outfit! Sorry she got a sick belly! Glad you all had a nice Halloween!!

  3. Oh Dawn, they are too cute! I so miss having young ones to take out for all the fun!!!

  4. Hi Dawn,

    I really like your side so i have linked to you.

    If you register at K-joy.com, please send me a PM so I can take to you. It would be great.

    My name is HZDesign - there.