Meet Kirsten!

  "Kirsten Larson must leave all she’s ever known to come with her family to the New World. They settle on the Minnesota frontier, where people don’t speak her language or understand her traditions. Yet in time, Kirsten discovers the richness of her new land—and the true meaning of home."

 I won this adorable American Girl doll for Jo on ebay this week. When she came she only had a little shift to wear. In the image below you can see how she came in the lower left corner.  the top 2 images are how she looks new and the pattern I used to make her new clothes. the lower right pic is a close up the original accessories you can buy from the AG store. I wanted to try to match her original outfit as close as possible with what I had on hand.

And here she is After with her new clothes.  I think I did pretty good!  her bonnet is a bit small but Jo likes it and that is what matters!  Notice the little handkerchief in her pocket. I made it out of bleached muslin and hand embroidered the details to match the original.  scroll down for pattern details. Josephine loves her and she even learned to tie a bow in 2 tries using her apron!

Dress - Butterick 4699 view F
Apron - Modified Butterick 4699 view F
handkerchief - Butterick 4699 and added hand embroidery
bonnet - resized from this tutorial -


  1. She is a gorgeous doll and I just LOVE the clothes you made for her! Great LO too! :)

  2. Wow! Great job, she's beautiful and the clothes are amazing! I bet Jo is thrilled. How exciting! I love the layouts, too...what a great memory of the before and after!

  3. Beautiful clothes and doll!!! The LO you made is extraordinary!!! You are amazing!! I bet Jo is in heaven!!

  4. You did an awesome job! She is beautiful!
    I wish we lived closer I could learn so much from you!

  5. emily1:22 PM

    Dawn, you did a fabulous job! Making doll apparel was always more difficult for me (even though it was less time consuming). Great job!