Handmade Holiday...

 That is what we will be doing this year.  All of our gifts will be handmade (or programmed).  We talked with The children about this back in Oct. and I had anticipated some resistance to it. But boy I have great kids who all thought it was a super idea!  We have been secretly discussing ideas and plans and making supply lists over the last month.  This is the week to get started making. Jo and I will be hold up Sewing in my room.  The boys have some books on hold at the library to help them with their plans for their sisters.  
 I will be checking out the "Sew, Mama, Sew blog" daily this month for all their wonderful ideas on handmade gifts.  Today there was a link to a Yummy pumpkin scone recipe so I made them up and they are YUMMY.  Go here to get the Recipe! If you want to share your Holiday traditions and plans you can share it with others there as well ( click here to see how)

 I will share the projects I can (don't wanna ruin the surprise)  and pass on any fabulous ideas I find.   Todays tip is to head over to www.YouCanMakeThis.com to buy printable patterns for all sorts of wonderful things.  I am loving the felt food (do a search for it)

 If you live in the Salt Lake Valley fm 100.3 is all Christmas music all the time right now!  

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