Birthday Memories

My youngest Daughter has a birthday coming up next week - she will be 7 yrs old! Where did the time go? So this already had me thinking of birthdays then the Sweet shoppe blog gave a challenge to post about a birthday memory on your blog. Perfect timing! So a birthday that really stands out in my mind is one form my early childhood I was 5 yrs old and we had a huge party in our backyard. All the relatives came and I remember being hot in my long polyester dress. But that year I got soo many gifts and most of them revolved around baby dolls and house keeping play. I got a highchair and a cradle, a dustpan and broom set, some toy dishes. I was in heaven! I know we played on the big wood teeter totter we had in our yard and that I stayed up past dark - which in June can be pretty late for a 5 yr old. I also remember clearly that my Dad was there. Something that rarely happened. It is such a lovely memory. I feel blessed to have it!.

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  1. What a wonderful memory! All those pretend-house things. I would have been in heaven, too! Thanks for sharing the memory. I wish we'd have known each other when we were five, we would have had such fun playing house together! And then again, we have a lot of fun doing just that now, with our "real" babies.

    By the way, I like the new look to your blog!