So I love to do crafts with my kids and honestly have been a bad bad crafting mommy this year. So I have a summer of fun crafting planned. 13 projects for the 13 weeks my older 2 are off school. Some will seem a little dorky to the oldest boy, but we have had a talk about doing it and having fun with his brothers and sister because it is important. So he has agreed :D Anyway here is our list - if you want more info on any of them leave a comment with your email addy and I will answer you.

1-Painting wood cutouts from the craft store.
2-making "chirping" crickets from TP rolls and popsicle sticks.
3. necklaces with charms made from shrink plastic. (check out the treasurestoscrap.com June newsletter for an article I did about making these)

1. some 4th of july craft yet to be chosen
2. turtle racers- basically paper plates decorated like turtles and attached to strings to race along.
3. sea glass jewelry - fishtank sea glass pieces wrapped in wire and hung from a leather strap.
4. going to the park and painting with watercolors.

1. rock painting - making friendly buggy friends for our garden area.
2. butterfly mobile
3. treasure boxes
4. mini scrapbooks of our summer activities.


  1. WOW! We're coming to your house this summer to play!!!

  2. Dawn, these are such cute crafty ideas! Love them! Can I steal your plan? The kids love crafts, but I'm one big brain fart when it comes to thinking of new ideas.

    Tell me more about the chirping crickets, please! :D

  3. This is great, I so need to do this same thing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. very neat ideas Dawn ! I think i'll steal a few of them ;)

  5. OMG, I just wanted to post a comment, and it made me sign up for a blog here...The pressure of it all!!

    Anyhow, that all sounds like a lot of fun! Timmy will probably be a big help with the younger kids, and I bet he'll enjoy it anyhow!

    Have fun, I miss you!

  6. Oh what a wonderful idea!!! I'm lifting your plan!!!!! I especially like the idea of mini scrapbooks!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!