Summer Girly Dresses!

That's what the girls and I did on Thursday. We Sewed summer dresses from pre gathered fabirc. Just a few seams and hems and they have these darling dresses. Josephine sat on my lap and helped me sew the seams. SarahAnn I let sit at the machine and sew. I helped her guide the fabric some but she did really well. I was proud of her.

at TTS we where challenged to post 10 things about us. So here are 10 things about sewing and me.

1. I learned to sew from my Mom at 4 when she gave me scraps and a needle and thread while she sews.

2. I won runner up in the adult category on a summer dress I sewed all by myself at 8 yrs old :D

3. I love the smell of fresh fabric being ironed.

4. I did a fashion show in highschool with my nieces wearing dresses I made them as gifts.

5. I sewed my niece a rag doll and wardrobe my senior year of highschool

6. I have 2 tubs of fabric waiting to be made into something

7. I helped my son sew a doll quilt for his little sister when he was 8

8. It makes me feel connected with the past when I teach my kids to sew.

9. Timothy is making bean bags this summer - hand sewing.

10. Sewing is relaxing and makes me feel peacful.


  1. you are an awesome sewer Dawn !! Evan's mom sews too and i'd love to learn ~ really seems not that difficult but i just can't grasp it lol ~

    Cool dresses :)

  2. Oh very cool; like how you focused on sewing! You are very talented at it!

  3. Wow, those dresses are beautiful. Wish I had that talent. I have tried my hand at sewing, It isn't pretty. I can barley sew on a layout.

  4. OMG i bow to you my sewing queen! Wow...great stuff!!!

  5. Dawn, the dresses are gorgeous! What a wonderful talent you are! I am not patient enough to sew but I envy your ability!

  6. You SO TOTALLY ROCK!! When I grow up I wanna' be just like you!! I wish I knew how to sew!!