So I have been tagged by Di (Spot-On)

7 people that I admire
- my Husband
- my mother
- Carol Barker
- Tracy
- Trish
- Faye Morrow Bell - she just inspirs me
- Mother Teresa

7 things I say often
- What?
- I'm sorry could you say that again, Jo was screaming - hehe
- Love you
- that is soo Yummy - not referring to food
- because I told you to
- Ya know
- hola chica

7 things I cannot do
- have good handwritting
- type well
- Algebra
- Alter recipes
- eat watermelon
- watch jerry springer

7 things you might not know about me
- I was on debate team in highschool
- I only planned on having 2 children
- I hate to do houswork
- I love to read Historical fiction (not the smutty romance novels )
- I get easily embarrased and actually blush.
- I fast forward through parts of movies and tv shows when I am embarrased for the characters
- I love fried tofu

7 movies I enjoyed
- Gidget
- the matchmaker
- Emma
- Beauty and the Beast
- Pollyanna
- Hildalgo

7 things I wish I could change in my life
- my weight
- how to deal with being overwhelmed
- my tendency to enable
- my tendency to talk to much
- where I live
- my money managment skills
- more patience

7 books I have read and would read again
- gone with the wind
-Jane Eyre
- Memoirs of a Geisha
- Janette Oke books
- The Bible
- Scrapbooking with Faye Morrow Bell
- the Giving Tree

7 people who should do this!
- Trish
- Abby
- Tracy


  1. Done! Fun questions to answer - but coming up with seven was hard for a few of them!

  2. Cool! glad you did the challenge!
    We have a few answers in common! I hate housework and love fried tofu!


  3. Haven't had time to do this, cool to read this stuff about you.