Meet Molly!

I am so excited! I won the American Girl Molly doll on ebay on Friday. Sammi has been wanting her since Nov. But I just could not pay full price. The doll I won is nakie and her hair needs brushed (she is the one in the pic on the bottom left) but is in very good condition. I of course had to buy the glasses and shoes with knee socks too - from ebay for a great price. (the middle and right pic on the bottom). "Lively and patriotic, she is the star of her story. Molly dreams of performing as “Miss Victory“ to show her support during World War Two" that is her description from the American Girl site. (the photo on the top right is how the doll comes new)

Well of course Sammi's doll needs clothes and period clothes of course! So Sammie and I ran out to Joann's and got 2 patterns and some fabric on Saturday. (large photo) This will be our girlie project this week. I am so excited to share this with her. I have been a huge doll fan since I was little. My Mom would make me dolls and doll clothes and let me use her scraps to make clothes. Sammi on the other hand is not much of a doll person. She has a few she likes but does not play with them much. I was so happy when she actually asked for a doll! I hope we have a really great time playing with Molly! (cause you know she is as much for me as she is for Sammie)


  1. oooh have tons of fun with this.. I cant wait to see her all dressed up and ready to party...
    congrats SAMMI!!!! hehehe

  2. Hi - Congratulations on your purchase! You can get more shoes and lot's of low cost clothing over at our store http://www.dollsclothes-emilyrose.com.

    We even have links to free crochet/knitting patterns.

  3. OH THAT IS SOOO CUTE I Know sammmi is sooo happy with her doll those are the cutest things ever. I WILL have to remember that you ahve the pattern for the outfit hahahahaha

  4. LOVE this doll, as I love all the AG dolls! I know both Sammi and you will have a blast with her!!!

    Not to mention you're the bestest mom (after mine of course) out there! You're so sweet to take the time to make clothes, etc. There's not many out there anymore like you my dear!! You have some extremely lucky kiddo's!!! :)

    Hugs to the three of you!!! (Sammie, Molly, and you) :D