IT's My Birthday! woohooo

So the blog challenge at TTS today is to list 12 things we are hapy about today (click Here to play along)

2. My 3 youngest made me adorable birthday cards
3. My Momma called and sang me happy birthday
4. My Best friend since childhood called and sang me hapy birthday
5. My chicky Megan sent me the cutest b-day ecard - it is adorable!
6. I get to scrap with some of my Online friends today - thanks Sarah
7. I got b-day coupons from DST for online stores ( you see a theme here? )
8. My DH and Oldest boy Tim are gonna make me dinner - woohoo
9. It's summer break, no teaching my rugrats lessons, we just getta play
10. It is a beautiful sunny day
11. Jo and Seth are telling each other Bible stories! (seth: did Moses have a wife? Mom: yes Seth: did Moses have a child? Jo: Yes Seth , remember Isaac is his baby - heheh LOVE IT
12. I will have 2 layouts in the July Scrapstreet mag!


  1. I think Jo needs a little help with her Bible studies.


  2. YEAH ... sounds like a good day to me!! :) Have a wonderful birthday my dear!!!

  3. Happy birthday Dawn! Hope it was awesome! Great things to be happy about!