TTS Blog Challenge

WHat in your lifetime has only happened to you once?

1. I was a Nanny in NorthCarolina - One of the best thing for me!

2. I married my wonderful husband . He is my best friend.

3. I accepeted God's grace by accepting Jesus as my Saviour. He has stood by me in all the good and bad times in my life.

4. I was in who's who of american highchool students

5. I was an alternate to state on Debate team

6.I became a mother for the first time (while i have 4 children there is only one first time)

7. I graduated from Highschool

Ok thats all I got for now. Be sure to hop on over and check out the blog challenges at TTS.


  1. Great blog entry! I'll have to check out the blog challenges ... you know I could use them!

  2. GREAT JOB CHICKY!!! COngrats on winning the blog rak for last week :)