Happy thoughts #3 and 4

So I missed yesterday!  I was busy scrappin away!  I will show you the layouts I did another day.

So my Happy thought for yesterday is how much I love my nieces and nephews. Today I am thinking of my sister's children. When they where little and I was just a teen I adored playing with them and taking them places , doing crafts.  They are grown up now and 3 of them have children of their own who I have never met.  But I cherish them too!   So Thank you Cristina, Juan, Shawnda, Rosa and Marcos for making me an Auntie!

My other thought is about my DH Dwight again.  Cause I just love him to pieces!  Today I was feeling pretty crummy and tired.  So he took the children to church and to play practice by himself.  Which let me rest.  What a great guy!


  1. Sounds like your dh is a keeper!

  2. Way to go DWITE! :) LOVE your happy thoughts tune ... such a great idea! You're such an inspiration! Love ya! xoxo

  3. miss you, I was hopin to see photos of your baby IN THE PLAYYYYYY!!!