A Very Bendy Post

I made these little elf girls for our friends little girls. This is my first attempt at them and I think I did a pretty good job! I first saw them at the Princess Nimble-Thimble blog - she makes the cutest little bendy dolls ever! check out her Etsy shop HERE. Then my friend Jackie was making them at Science and play and helped me get started on one. They took me about 2 hours each to make with the emroidery and everything. What do you think? Oh they are about 3 inches tall.


  1. How cute!!! I need to look into making some of these next year! My cousin would love them!

  2. They're adorable!

    Be warned: they're *very* addictive.

    Check out this post if you're interested in the giveaway I'm doing for people who've used my patterns or tutorials. :)

  3. I'll take 12 :)

  4. These look like fun to make!