Skate on Dude!

This is how Seth (an Jo and SarahAnn) spend most of their day after school. We got them roller skates for Easter and they have been outside rolling away ever since. It was a bit rocky at first an there was lots of tumbles and falls but pretty quickly they have all seemed to get the hang of it! By the way - why is it so hard to find reular old fashioned skates? you know the white or black leather boot kind? We searched all over but ended up having to get this kind with the plastic rollerblade looking boots. They work fine but I guess I was looking for the nostalgia factor! We have had lovely spring weather the past week with temps in the 60's and 70's. But on the night of April 31st we had a light dusting of SNOW! hello winter is over already! Glad I had not put out any flowers yet. Ok enough blabbing , we have school work to do (only about 6 more weeks till our official summer break!)

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