It is officially summer!  While this is usually not my favorite time of year because of the heat , this year I am more excited, I have lost weight, the kids are older and we can do more fun things and we have great friends and church family to do things with!  So here is a list of fun things we can do this summer!

1. Lounge around all day in our jammies watching tv
2. Stay up late
3. Swim, Swim , Swim
4. Play with our buddies!
5. Go to the Zoo with our Zoo pass (with the Hales)
6. Do crafts
7. skate outside
8. play in "the pits"
9. eat way too many popsicles!
10. Grow flowers and maybe tomatoes!
11. lie in the grass and readd
12. go to the library alot!
13. Earn a free book by doing the summer reading program
14. Go camping with our church!
15. Praise God for the amazing gift of summer!

and soo much more..........

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