Handmade Gifts Part 1:

Josephine and I began her gift making today.  She is making snowman pillowcases for her siblings and Mommy and Daddy (yes I realize I am helping make my own gift).  We used a flannel top sheet to cut them from. This way we only need to make the wide hem at the opening on some of them. She did a great Job sewing and even did some of the seams all on her own. We will do the rest of them over the next few weeks.

The finished project and the proud seamstress!

close up of the name tag.  She used staz-on ink and stamped the names on seam tape then zigzagged them on and sewed on a button.  Yeah Jo!


Doris said...

Oh, how sweet is that?! Hey, send me an email address and I will send you my free table runner pattern (your comment was a no-reply comment!)


Catherine said...

You daughter must be so happy with her finished project. I can see it in her face. How sweet.

emily said...

The pillowcase is adorable. She did a great job. She (and you) must be proud.