Poetry Friday - For Erica

 My friend Erica is a wonderful writer and can inspire you with her words. On fridays on her blog - These Three Remain - she does poetry friday.  So in honor of her I have written a poem.

2 things you should know
 1. I do not enjoy writing (but reading is great)
 2. I am not good at writing anything other than non fiction papers.

For Erica 

A seam was sewn

Betwixt the two

Connecting thoughts

Deepening understanding

Encouraging sorority

 I wrote my poem using a form called an ABC poem. basically it is a 5 line poem expressing an idea or image. And every line begins with the next letter alphabetically from the first letter of the first line. You do not have to start with A - but I did :D  this took me a long time to write. I tried hard to choose the right words. Alas it is not very good. 


  1. I hear you on the writing of poems! I always did well with writing though and I love to read which is why I think I write well. Your short poem is good - much better than I'd be able to do!!

  2. wow, dawn, I love your poem! great work! I'm so bad in doing this ... LOL, not my thing

  3. I love it!! I am not that great at writing poems!! Great job!!

  4. Dawn! I love it....it is TOO good! And I really like the ABCD format. I am so touched...what a gift this is! I know how you feel about writing...but I have to say, you're good at it even if you don't love it ;o) You are such a blessing, I'm so thankful to be your friend!