I wait

Today I am waiting. Waiting for the foretold snow. For the crisp beauty. I awoke and the light through the window was not quite right, not that glow that comes when the ground has a blanket of white.  I was sad. disappointed.  I am too sad and disappointed right now from other things and I need to have the little joy of this snow.  So I wait for this gift and I try not to cry and I remember - You are good, and what you do is good .... Psalm 119:68a.


  1. well the snow showed up here this morning but, it is all melted and gone for the day.. now just cold and brrrrrr...
    Great video of Jo reading and awesome hair cut!!!!

  2. we are getting tornados and storms instead of any snow. but then we are way south too...
    LOVE the video of Miss Jo reading she is soooo good! Way to go JO. Love that she is donating her hair and she looks so grown up with her new do! BIg hugs! (from someone who will be getting some locks of love :)